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full-flavored, robust tools for
independent talent and talent buyers

Currently in beta testing with real humans, Underground Overdrive will be ready for limited release in Q2 2019.

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Our platform, just like you, is independent and fully responsive to your way of life.

We make the tools to help you get your shit together. Let's put your career into overdrive.

Create More Value

We're ready for you to blow away the old paradigm and create a business out of your craft, whether you are a musician for hire, working band, mime or speaker.

On the Road Workflow

Contrary to popular belief, it's very difficult to manage your touring life while touring. We can help by offering mobile-friendly tools that allow you to book, share and delegate the tasks.

Get a Handle on Time

Multiple calendars and humans are a major pain in the ass. We've got the hemorrhoid creme for you. Better communication tools help you know what's coming up and who's involved.


Robust EPK and Sharing Tools

There are fewer things that make a working artist's life more viable than an electronic press kit that you can easily send to your contacts or a venue you found in our system.

Focused primarily on the New England area, Underground Overdrive™ includes thousands of small to medium-sized venues for you to discover and engage with, rate and bookmark.

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Gig Management

Let's face it, emails back and forth, threads of negotiations with rarely a final agreement, can be tiresome and lead to misunderstandings and a negative experience.

Underground Overdrive™ has the tools to help you wrangle the process of booking, managing your team, get paid and more.

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Let Delphine Make Suggestions

Underground Overdrive™ features a more human approach to technology by offering an intermediary with a smart name that helps you learn the system while giving you freedom to tailor your reminders.

Delphine briefly interrupts with advice, but won't automate your preferences, so you can control your career, team and workflow more efficiently. Pull yourself together and stay that way.

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We Love How Life Works

Our mission is to continually create purposeful tech so you can leverage your creative economy to its fullest, and as a result, begin to focus on what matters in your life - self expression.
This short clip reflects our intentions and beliefs. We are the human beings who built this for you. Join us.

Flexible Pricing

Early adopters are encouraged to get on board now and save with a Lifetime Subscription!



  • 1 Shareable EPK
  • Pro User Account
  • Free Updates
  • E-Mail Support
  • Upgrade and Add-On at your pace

Gig Pack


per year
  • 12 Active Gigs
  • Pro Admin User
  • Free Updates
  • Phone Support
  • Expandable for touring, teaching and session work



per user, limited qty
  • 44 Active Gigs (for life)
  • 4 EPKs (for life)
  • Free Updates
  • Account Manager
  • Access to new features before they go into the wild

Trusted by Tens... and growing

We have legions of artists who have chosen to trust their self-managed careers with Underground Overdrive™.

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