Let's face it. Emails back and forth, with threads of negotiation and rarely a final agreement, can be tiresome and lead to misunderstandings and a negative experience.

Act Management

The days of group messages and emails are behind you. With Underground Overdrive™, you can spend less time managing your band mates and spend more time getting gigs.

Gig Management

Underground Overdrive™ has the tools to help you wrangle the process of booking, managing your team, get paid and more.
It's time to let go of the spreadsheet.

Venue Management*

For the independent venue and promoter, we offer show management tools, calendaring and a Pro Advance Packet.


Underground Overdrive™ features a more human approach to technology by offering an intermediary with a smart name that helps you learn the system while giving you freedom to tailor your reminders.

Electronic Press Kit*

There are fewer things that make a working artist's life more viable than an electronic press kit that you can easily send to your contacts or a venue you found in our system. Venues prefer a polished gig request.

Easy Rider*

Quickly and painlessly generate a stage plot, technical and hospitality riders for you to submit to venues after you've booked a gig.

Curated Venues with FollowMe Circuits™*

Focused primarily on the New England area, Underground Overdriveā„¢ includes hundreds of small to medium-sized venues for you to discover and create a dream tour, share, rate and bookmark for later.

Market Place*

Once again you find yourself just days before a gig, and your drummer is sick again. Luckily, Underground Overdrive™ has you covered. You can find a session musician, photographer or sound engineer in your area.

Career Guidance*

Did you miss Music Career Management 101 in high school? Underground Overdrive™ has many experienced artists willing to show you the ropes, book a short tour, and provide answers. Learn from those before you and stop taking shots in the dark.

*Coming in 2020